Psyched For Sochi?

sochi russia olympics

So who’s pumped to watch the Winter Olympics in Sochi? From speed skating to biathlons, the winter olympics couldn’t culminate a better mix of “random” sports that are exciting as the March Madness – totally unpredictable.

However, Sochi/Russia has been receiving a lot of negative attention- from topics that include terrorism to gay, it has been one heck of a build up. One other topic that we can’t neglect is Sochi. The city of Sochi. As the Olympic stadiums, resorts, and villages are being erected, the environment around its area has been demolishing. They are constructing a “city” over marshlands and what used to be a national park. But because of the constructions, the animals are starting to become disoriented, disrupting their habitats and hibernation patterns, and the lands are becoming filled with waste, which may be seeping into the water system.

Although this is an exciting time, we have to play our part to preserve the beauty around us – the playground that us athletes, fitness gurus, casual joggers, and all could’ve potentially enjoyed. But hopefully the damage won’t be as destructive as it could potentially be, and hopefully, this will be a smoothly run Winter Olympics, which we can’t wait for!

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