A Whole New Perspective

What do flying drones, high quality cameras, and money have in common? No, not another multi million dollar Terminator movie, and definitely a world takeover by outer space creatures, but more like kick-ass action sports shots.

Drones have become so highly publicized recently. With Amazon wanting to roll out drones that deliver, and a myriad of start ups trying to capitalize on the flying helicopter game. One thing for sure that’s come out of this surge are GoPro cameras attached to drones to capture shots that wouldn’t have been possible without expert photographers.

These toys have become so domesticated that everyone and anyone can get a drone and a camera to film sports that are hard to capture with human arms. You can get these majestic perspectives of the action – such as downhill biking, skiing, snowboarding, and so much more. The scene becomes more than just the person going by, it’s about the entire environment in which the action is taking place.

This robotic technology and compact durable camera has allowed us amateurs to film like pros and create a masterpiece of a recording. And here’s a video made by our close friend.

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