Capping Off A Big Week

New Bedford half marathon
New Bedford half marathon

This week was what we all like to call, the secret weapon, the difference maker, the divide between a BQ and another year of training for the BQ. And I’m happy to call this the biggest mileage week ever – it wasn’t easy, but it was fun because of the help of November Project. To provide a quick recap, here’s what went down.

Debut half marathon in New Bedford on Sunday, running 1:15:47 to qualify for the NYC marathon – this has been a goal for a while and I’m so happy to call this officially “checked off my list”. I surprised myself by running 5:48 min/mile all 13.1 miles – I couldn’t have asked for a better weather (although the last 4miles were pretty windy), and the competition was perfect. Finished 100th overall – a race which included two Olympians, so this wasn’t a joe-smoe race.

November Project Harvard Stadium
November Project Harvard Stadium

Then the week went along as usual, until Thursday. It was the first day of Spring and the weather really backed it up. Sunny, 50s, and beautiful. So at the 8mile mark, I decided to make this into my long run, which turned out to be the longest run I’ve ever done. – 20big miles at 6:55 pace. Felt really good aerobically, but legs were dragging the last 3miles – slowed down a lot. But happy that I got to reach another milestone.

So overall, this was a great week, and November Project started selling amazing grassroots gear shirts, so there was a launch party, which was fun, weird, awesome, with a lot of hugs and smiles. Typical NP. Classic NP.

Six more weeks until the big day, marathon day. Cheers to everyone who persistently trained through the cold winter and good luck to anyone doing Spring Marathon, Triathlon, Swimming, dancing, etc etc.

Well here’s to another post – slowly trying to figure out the direction of this site. But look forward to more content!

Post New Bedford Half

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